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About Us


 I graduated from Ain Shams University, Science faculty, Biochemistry Department – Cairo – Egypt

I was very interested in science as a whole not just my specialty. I was fond of scientific research & observation to find new theories that fit into our messy world. Weird phenomenon may prove result of local settings that researchers abroad may not mention it in their studies or may not realize its presence at all.

The Arab World, & Egypt in particular has its own science due to different social norms, environment, people’s attitude, religious beliefs and others. This difference (sometimes extreme) may prove useful in studying a mild life factor worldwide that do not seem important for researchers to consider in research results.

My website: www.alameron.com is my world. It is a publishing platform for my independent researches and other science journalism that aims to improve science education and study in the Arab World. In addition, the website includes articles I write trying to analyze social aspects and life concepts to help people in their journey towards a positive change.

All my skills and knowledge was used in alameron.com site that is currently under construction to get it to an upgraded level.  

Graphics & Web Design:

These skills turned professional after a period of amateur work in 2002 that began while trying to seek new methods to professionally present the work of several clients. It was just a tool that proved its key importance in any marketing ideas.

These skills developed until it reached professional level and was certified by a web design diploma – Microsoft certified, from Narita Academy in 2010.


Translation field was not hard, I am a graduate of a French school, my grandmother is British, studied science in English, worked in news editing also in English, translated press article in French.

A small effort was made to reach a professional level. I began translation with a very good translator that did not treat me as an employee but was keen to teach me new skills in translation and correct my mistakes in an educational style. I then worked with an office in Kurdistan – Iraq that specialized in translating highly sensitive document for the UN Iraq office and the Iraqi government. I also translated a book for a Saudi writer, Dr. Saeed al Mahfouz, named “Who Brought Down the Islamic World”.

More translation and editing work was done in the Egyptian TV teletext, Al Gomhoria newspaper, Nile New Thematic Channel, onislam.net, alameron.com…….

Dear visitor you might need to revisit this site every few days to know more. The main website www.alameron.com is still under construction therefore links will be added here with more interesting work consecutively.